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CSR Activities


Towell Group’s CSR support for communities and people groups across the country extends into multiple fields – with a current emphasis on Social Responsibility, Health & Wellness, Environment, Education, and Youth & Sports.

During Ramadan, in collaboration with the Dar Al Atta’a association, Towell Group distributed food rations and household goods to underprivileged families in Oman.

Towell Group participated in building a playground for learners at the Wadi Hatat Primary School.

Towell Group sponsored the Biyoot Al Taafee graduation event for recovered addicts.

The Towell Group donated OMR 100,000 to the Oman Charitable organization, to assist families affected by Cyclone Shaheen in 2021.

On a monthly basis over a two-year period, the Towell Group provides many families in Oman with food supplies, house rental payments, and electricity/water bill payments. This monthly living support is typically carried out for groups of up to fifty families at a time.

In collaboration with the Ministry of Housing, Towell Group donated OMR 60,000 to fund the construction of three houses for three underprivileged families in Oman.

On two occasions, Towell Group allocated OMR 84,000 and OMR 40,000 respectively for the maintenance of a number of houses for underprivileged families in Oman.

In collaboration with the Dar Al Atta’a association, Towell Group donated OMR 40,000 for the maintenance of housing for underprivileged families.

Through the Ajyal Al Mustaqbal SME funding body, Towell Group has opened the door for many young Omanis wishing to start their own businesses. Towell Group provides these young entrepreneurs with start-up capital, as well as financial support, marketing support, and training experience.

Towell Group is honored to be one of the primary donors for the Dar Al Atta charity association. These donations are used for the association’s many charity initiatives: Housing development and maintenance projects for communities in need, children’s school supplies funding, underprivileged family assistance etc.


The Towell Group continues to provide financial assistance to underprivileged families in Oman seeking specialized medical treatments.

A Towell Group donation of OMR 70,000 to The Royal Hospital benefitted patients from underprivileged families – who needed prosthetic devices, cancer medications, and various other medical treatments.

In collaboration with the National Diabetes and Endocrine Centre, Towell Group supported the campaign to encourage people in Oman to live healthier lifestyles by engaging in fitness activities.

In collaboration with the Ministry of Health, the Towell Group donated OMR 152,800 to build the Hay Al Mina Health Center at Jaborah, in Muscat.


In collaboration with various private schools in Oman, Towell Auto Centre carried out a successful “Pure Environment” campaign for environmental awareness.

The Ministry of Regional Municipalities and Water Resources awarded the Towell Group a prestigious “Best Green Space” award for a landscaping project carried out at their Madinat Sultan Qaboos development.


The Towell Group has provided on-the-job training opportunities for hundreds of Omani graduates. The Group has also provided suitable jobs for numerous young professionals and graduates in Oman.

As part of their CSR activities, the Towell Group sponsored Injaz Oman for a three-year period, to encourage young Omanis to improve their business and entrepreneurial skills.