Towell Property Partners With Awasr to Create The Infrastructure For Oman’s First Gigabit Community

Towell Property, the real estate arm of the Towell Group, announced its partnership with Awasr to make its premium residential properties at Madinat Al Sultan Qaboos the Oman’s first Gigabit Community.


The signing ceremony was held during the Comex 2019 on 17th March in the presence of Ivor Braganza, CEO of Towell Property and Abdul Monem Al-Futaisi, COO of Awasr. Under the partnership, Awasr will put the network infrastructure in place to deliver speeds of up to 1 gigabit per second (Gbps) to the residences, in line with their vision to create gigabit communities in Oman.


“We are constantly looking for new ways to create exceptional experience for our residents by delivering innovative services. Today, everyone recognizes and acknowledges the importance of having a reliable, affordable high-speed internet connection in the home. Our partnership with Awasr is an ideal fit to enhance our technology offering and provide more value-added services for our residents,” said Ivor Braganza, CEO of Towell Property. “In addition, customers in our signature residential properties will receive a complementary 20Mbps fibre optic connection, courtesy Towell Property”, he added.


Awasr’s FIBREZONE service enables internet access to become a natural extension of a property’s infrastructure, enabling building owners to provide enhanced services to their residents, all without the hassle and expense often associated with upgrading traditional fixed wireline. It not only helps in raising real estate property values, but also attracts innovative businesses that contribute to the GDP growth.


With FIBREZONE, Awasr aims to be the first internet service provider to create Gigabit enabled Communities, where areas are going to be fully connected with fibre infrastructure that provides high internet speeds to up to 1 Gbps. This will further enable full transformation of the property to become smart ready for the future.


“At Awasr, we are changing the entire internet experience for the consumer. We are redefining broadband access by developing a network infrastructure designed to improve your connected life and create what we call Gigabit Communities. That’s why we’re thrilled to partner with Towell Property, a company that shares these same values and the spirit of innovation,” said Abdul Monem Al-Futaisi, COO of Awasr.

The alliance between Awasr, Oman's first specialised broadband internet service provider, and Towell Property, a pioneer in real estate development and property management, promises to be a game changer in both technical and residential segments. Strategic partnerships like these will enhance the overall experience of people as the end-user is the benefactor of the exceptional experience.