Towell Group's Partnership with Al-Raya Newspaper in the Launch of the First Device in the Sultanate to Recycle Plastic and Glass Containers According to an Immediate Reward Program

A new initiative from the Towell Group at the third Oman Environmental Forum, the partnership in the launch of the first device of its kind in the Sultanate in cooperation with the newspaper to see the recycling of plastic and glass containers according to an immediate rewards program. Hatem Bin Hamad Altaee, the editor-in-chief of Al-Roya newspaper and the general supervisor of the Oman Environmental Forum he confirmed that this new initiative comes from the national role in Al-Roya newspaper, and in support of the Forum's message, Contributing to environmental protection efforts and encouraging individuals and institutions to positive environmental practices that help conserve natural resources, protect the environment and thus protect the planet from threats and challenges.