Towell Group Participates in the Training Program Organized by Muscat Municipality

Towell Group participates in the training program organized by Muscat Municipality for Developing the skills of second-tier Muscat Municipality leaders Muscat Municipality implements a training programme "Developing Skills of Second-tier Leaders" intending to create qualified cadres with professional knowledge as a second class of administrative leaders in different fields of municipal Work.


 The programme aims to provide second-tier leaders with the knowledge and skills to take over senior positions at different fields of municipal structure. The programme has many aspects including: behavioral skills of leaders, personal leadership, the roles of a commander, and the sources of power in leadership, in addition to computing skills, and managing discussion.


The programme has also shed light on a number of models in leadership like the European, Korean and the Chinese models. The programme has featured various reliable methods in addition to engaging the participants in some brainstorming sessions. This kind of programme serves as standby plan if any of municipal positioned is unoccupied, and without effecting the flow of work performance.